This painting has now become a favorite of mine (after many agonized revisions) and I'm so happy that daughter Charlene requested to own it.  It's now displayed in Charlene and Kris' home.  


This was from our trip to Cape Cod a few years ago.  The colors were inspirational, and now we have all that beauty around us here, with the yellows, reds and browns!  It surely encourages an artistic frame of mind!  I wish we could just keep all the foliage the way it is right now, until the Christmas decorations go up:  the next stage of glory!


DEER WATCHING:   I donated this fellow to Elin Jeantet at the American Swedish Museum for their annual fund-raiser auction this year, and it now is enjoying its new home in the Poconos with the highest bidder.

My husband and I had a Christmas project together in 2021:  puppets and a stage for granddaughter Tia.  He did the PVC pipe construction, and I sewed the curtains.  We're hoping for some great productions from our Tia.

I had my first solo art show, all of December, 2018 at the beautiful gallery at the Warden's House, High  St., Mt. Holly, showing 32 of my paintings.  What a thrill!  So many old friends, past clients, and of course family came, and I  sold several of the paintings as well as the plexiglass Christmas decorations.  



WHAT A SUPPORTIVE FAMILY !! At the Warden's House Art Gallery for my show.